Are your visitors just browsing and not buying anything?

Is your website really delivering maximum conversions and revenue?

If you’re like most businesses, the answer is no. But it doesn’t have to be this way. With website optimisation consultancy services from Superry,  you can transform your website into an unstoppable money making machine – and fast.

Don’t believe us?
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There is a better way

We can help you maximising the effect of your site's traffic by doing User Experience Audits and Optimisation Service – all based on evidence. We actually grow the number of people buying from you.


Growth for today.
Growth for tomorrow

Wether you run an online store, have an app or SaaS software or a website that sells goods or services, we will be able to increase the conversion rate by 10%, grow the Average Order Value (AOV) by 15%. At the same time, we introduce you to the research based thinking (instead of guessing blindly):
Research test ideas

For example we look at ways to simplify the way your customers could sign up or check out. We make suggestions on design and technology that could enhance the user experience and increase customer satisfaction. We use a blend of methodologies to audit your website, including insights from Google Analytics and Hotjar heatmaps then potentially interview and survey your customers.

prioritising what to test

There are a number of testing and research methods, for example A/B testing of the content of a specific page or the colour and position of a button. We suggest using tools to know the behaviour of your site's visitors better.


After gathering the evidence, learning from user behaviours, we help those changes coming to life working with you or your developers.

Let’s make your website better, together.
Every one of our packages has been precisely priced to offer the perfect balance of cost and performance. What’s a conversion rate increase of 10% worth to your business? How about 15%? With our tailored packages, the sky’s the limit – but the price remains the same.
Superry introductory Taster Package
  • The fastest way to dip your toe into conversion rate optimisation
  • Five instantly actionable changes you can make to your website today to increase revenue, boost conversions, and turn traffic into real customers.
  • We’ll even provide annotated screenshots of your website to show you exactly what needs to change – and how.  
Medium Package
  • A comprehensive website audit for growing businesses
  • The multi-stage Medium Package uses a blend of methodologies to provide actionable, customised insights.
  • Long-term plan with a deep-dive analysis of four key pages from your website.
  • Boost your conversion rate today and see the return-on-investment for yourself.
Quarterly Conversion Rate Increase Package
  • For businesses who want to maximise the results of their website with minimum effort.
  • You’ll receive a detailed report every quarter using data-driven insights to improve your conversion rate and win more customers.
  • Takes the guesswork out of your lead-gen, using real-world insights to test ideas, prioritise results, and advise on execution and analysis.
Pick your package and get started today.
Optimisation is an investment, not an expense.
The sooner you start enhancing your site, the earlier you'll see results.

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doing nothing can cost money

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Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, we have answers. So let’s get to it.

Why is Superry the best choice for conversion rate optimisation?
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We’ve worked with some of London’s biggest and best companies, delivering software, websites, and apps across the digital space. In short, we know our stuff. Learn more

What happens after signing up?
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You will receive a payment link sent by Stripe (our payment provider). We'll start working as soon as the payment is cleared. Sending you the first steps to take depending on the package you selected.

Do you actually make the changes to my website?
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At Superry, we are primarily a consultancy and advisory service, offering a point-by-point action plan for making your website better. That said, if your website is running Webflow or Shopify, we’re happy to talk about making the changes on your behalf. We can recommend developers for other popular platforms.

Why are there different packages?
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We know not one size fits all. Try out a smaller package, then – when you see the results we deliver – move up to a larger package anytime. You’re in the driving seat. Follow the process online, chat anytime via a locked Slack channel.

Which currency can I use for payment?
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We use Stripe as our payment processor, meaning you’re free to use more than 135 currencies. 

What is your minimum level of engagement?
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Our minimum level of engagement is USD $500 for our Taster Package – probably you will get back this amount in increased profits soon!

What are the advantages of the Superry Packages?
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One of the best feature: you will get a list of quick wins that don't need to be tested and can go to the public right away. These could include design suggestions, highlighting inconsistencies or removing unnecessary steps in the user flow. We use a mix of methodologies to audit your website, for example Google Analytics or Hotjar heat maps, then potentially interview and survey your customers. Just wait and see how your customers start enjoying an easier checkout or confusion free signup process!